You've fixed your TV but you're stuck on one channel, because you lost your remote!

Retrace your steps, and put together the lost pieces of your remote. Find power ups and computers to help your navigate your way around the universe  🪐

Who knows where your spaceship is  🤔

This game is an unauthorized sequel to the fantastic game Helionaut, made by sokpop. Please go buy this game then join their Patreon for fun games every month.

This game is my submission to the sokpop community jam (sokjam)


awsd to move

space to jump

e to interact


Made with mini-wakuwaku for the font

Some background sounds from foxwood's awesome sample pack

Source code is open source MIT licensed hosted here

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2D, Gravity, sokjam


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wonderful game it almost told a entire story to me


Really cool! The music and physics where definitely my favorite part


Flying around is so much fun! Especially when you build up some speed.


VERY FUN! This reminded me so much of helionaut, the exploration, the art style, and more. But, this did not make it just another helionaut, no this is an extremely fun rendition of helionaut which in my opinion is wonderful. Amazing job!


Swag music and super fun to fly around in space. Super super well done!