You are enjoying a nice dank day as a Lichen in the dungeon when and adventurer polymorphs you into an octopus! Seek revenge against the fool who did this to you.

Octorogue is played as a classic roguelike, but you have tentacles to interact with your environment. Throw items recklessly! Consume everything in your sight! Topple over your enemies like dominos!

Some tips:

At level 1 you are quite fragile, make sure to keep your distance and avoid tanking hits right away. The boss appears at dungeon level 3, and he's a bit tough to beat. Make sure you bring a dagger or a sword if you can find one to stand a chance against him.

Press ? for help in game for how to play.


The font is APL385, in the public domain. I went between like 3 different fonts that each either had issues or weren't a good fit, also this font is so goofy and I love it.

I used rot.js as the framework:

The source for the game is MIT licensed here and hosted here:

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This is so clever! Immediately reminded me of Carrion but this has a deep strategy that only roguelikes can have. The multi-tentacled combat is very original, inspired, and fun in both a tactical and absurd way. I also love how the tentacles holding things just drag behind you through the corridors.

Yeah this was slightly inspired by Carrion. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks!


Very interesting movement mechanic. Makes you think a bit more carefully about your next position. Enjoyed imagining the octopus crawling around and hucking rocks at stuff.

Glad you enjoyed it  😄 Thanks for playing!